How to Grow Great

Choose & Plant

The really great thing about blueberries is that there isnt much science to choosing a good plant.

Really important, unless you're extremely patient, is to buy the biggest plants you can afford.

Many mail order companies, especially running reader offers in national press, send a plant known as a P9 pot size.


Once you've bought and taken delivery of your new blueberry plants, they can be planted out at any time of the year. However, high summer should be avoided if possible as they will need far more care in their new environment during this season.

Pests & Disease

There are currently very few pests that attack blueberries, but the main one is birds. Believe me, they know the best time to harvest blueberries and you could have had your eye on a beautiful cluster in the evening and by next morning, its GONE! Protecting against birds is in our opinion, essential if you want to enjoy your fruits. It doesnt have to be hard though. We currently market a range of pop-up bird cages which literally take 15 seconds to erect and still allow access to the fruit