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blueberry plants
It all starts with the plants and at The Dorset Blueberry Company we always have plenty of choice between varieties. We'll even give you all the advice we can to pick the right pair for you. At the end of the day though, whatever you choose, you'll be harvesting your own berries in no time!
uk blueberry farm
We are the original blueberry producers in the UK and we still harvest our original 1952 plantation with a full crop. In 2005 we converted 5 of our acres to fully registered organic production and this make up the bulk of our crop at the moment. Our crop is sold through M&S (selected stores only), Riverford Organic box scheme and Abel & Cole organic box scheme. You can also visit the farm to PYO from mid July to August.
blueberry pies
We started our bakery in 2000, as a result of a hailstorm bruising lots of our grade 1 fruit. For 2013, we have closed our bakery due to the poor crop in 2012 and change in business focus.

Health Benefits of Blueberries

Blueberries are well documented for their fantastic health benefits

It all comes down to their anti-oxidant levels, which are the power behind fihgting urinary tract infections, eyesight problems, heart disease, liver function, even short term memory loss!

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Using Blueberries at Home

If you've got your own bush, you'll know how hard it is to get the fruit from the bush to your kitchen without eating them all first. Buying from the supermarket is often the same, with your punnet on the passenger seat being polished off as you drive. This is a great way to enjoy the freshness of the fruit.
Freeze them and use them through the winter
Blueberries freeze very well. you dont need to tray freeze them first, just put the whole punnet or bag in the freezer and bring them out when you need them. They will be softer after defrosting and they are best cooked after being frozen.