Fresh Blueberries - From bush to basket in 24 hours

Harvest Time!

We are now harveting our blueberries! Most of our fruit this year is going to Riverford organic box scheme, Abel & Cole, Waitrose and Tesco Local

If you find that blueberries have no flavour, no shelf life and just dont have any size to them, take a look at our Dorset Blueberries! We thoroughly enjoy meeting the few people who tell us that they dont like blueberries. It seems a strange statement, but what we enjoy most is persuading them to try one of our blueberries and watching the reaction!

Blueberries are not just blueberries. They come in all sorts of sizes and flavours and one size simply doesnt fit all. Its a bit like somebody who has only tasted white bread stating that they dont like 'bread'!

Here on our farm, we have varieties which are super sweet, like Berkeley; sharper flavour like Ivanhoe, which is fantastic for jam making; full on flavour like Herbert and many other varieties.

Sure, if you're buying from a supermarket you wont have as much choice and you wont necessarily know how good the punnet on the shelf tastes, but you can usually build knowledge of which you like and which you dont.

Its also worth remembering that even within a punnet, some berries may be sharper than others due to the stage of ripeness at picking. The secret? Dont eat them one at a time!

Below is a table of both our own and other commonly found varieties during the UK season.


Sweet Varieties

  • Berkeley
  • Earliblue
  • Bluecrop

Medium Sweet Varieties

  • Bluecrop
  • Herbert
  • Collins
  • Coville
  • Draper
  • Aurora

Tarter Varieties

Best Use of the Blues

OK, this is where life gets complicated!

Blueberries have got to be one of the most versatile fruits available. They have no stone, you eat the whole thing and the pips are tiny.

If you've got your own bush, you'll know how hard it is to get the fruit from the bush to your kitchen without eating them all first. Buying from the supermarket is often the same, with your punnet on the passenger seat being polished off as you drive. This is a great way to enjoy the freshness of the fruit.

Blueberries are also fantastic when cooked. Gentle heating will release the nutrients, colour and flavour in the skins and can add an entirely new perspective for the fruit.
There are plenty of recipes online for blueberries, but we think the simple ones are the best.

Try popping some berries, frozen or fresh, into a bowl with a dash of lemon juice and a teaspoon of sugar. Microwave on full power for 1 minute at a time until the fruit is soft and the juices are running. You should have a pool of deep purple juice in the bottom of the bowl. Give them a bit of a mash up to break the skins open and then serve with double cream or ice cream!