We are a family run blueberry farm in Dorset, England.

Grandad David Trehane introduced the blueberry to the UK in the early 1950s, having answered an advert offering free plants from Canada.

He was one of life’s true innovators, always trialling new things and new ways of doing things. He was one of only 4 people to take up the offer and was the only one to subsequently plant a commercial blueberry plantation, in 1957 with his daughter Jennifer. That plantation is still in full production today and managed by 2 great lads, Josh and Dan.

In 1994, Jennifer and her son David purchased 2/3 of the 8.5 acres of blueberries which had been planted by that point. They immediately began an ambitious expansion program, using modern, organic cultivation methods under the brand The Dorset Blueberry Company

The Dorset Blueberry Company is an award winning producer of certified organic blueberries in the UK and is still run by the Trehane family.

Fresh Organic Blueberries

We supply all of our fresh fruit exclusively to Riverford Organics and Abel & Cole.
You can buy their yummy, fresh fruit and veg boxes direct from their websites
We supply our fruit in compostable punnets and recycle-able lids

tray of organic blueberries from Dorset

Frozen Organic Blueberries

Every year, we freeze several tons of our lovely Dorset blueberries. These are supplied to Crayves Bakery in London for blueberry muffins and Lush! They make all of their blueberry face mask from our grade 1 organic blueberries!